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For organization, storage and ergonomic convenience, fill your architecture classrooms with Lista drafting desks and tables. Select any number of options including leg configurations, storage drawers, power and digital connectivity, and a range of worksurface materials.

Architecture school workbenches and classroom desks:

Lista classroom furniture is perfect for architecture and design classrooms requiring drawer storage and electrical or digital access at each student drafting desk or table.

  • Choice of benchtop accessories: greater productivity and efficiency
  • Built-in electrical power supply and data access: reduces safety risk and inconvenience of multiple wires and extension cords
  • Incorporates ergonomic design: for easy, safe access with a minimum of stress and strain
  • Variety of available worksurfaces: the right surface for the task
  • Flush drawer handles: improved safety and appearance
  • Customizable drawer compartments: superior organization and access
  • Choice of drawer pedestal sizes and styles: customize your instruction environment
  • Easy-access leveling adjustments: ensures that worksurface is always level

Butcher block worksurfaces:

Workbenches and tables with spacious, high quality worksurfaces. That's what turns an ordinary architecture classroom into one designed for optimal student performance and serious coolness.

  • Thickness counts: solid butcher block tops are 1 3/4" thick and take a beating semester after grueling semester while keeping their great looks
  • Looks count, too: satin finished hardwood adds functional elegance to any architecture classroom

Classroom workbenches. Handsome, sturdy tables are easily re-arranged.

Butcher block tops. Durable tops can be integrated with electrical and data supplies.