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Choose the ideal technical workstation to create the ultimate studio workspace. Then select from a choice of leg styles, power and data supply options, riser shelves and Nexus above-the-worksurface accessory systems to build the most productive and learning-conducive environment for your students.

Architecture School Workstations and Workbenches:

Lista classroom furniture is perfect for educational environments requiring drawer storage and electrical or digital access to drive computer design workstations.

  • Choice of benchtop accessories: greater productivity and efficiency
  • Built-in electrical power supply and data access: reduces safety risk and inconvenience of multiple wires and extension cords
  • Incorporates ergonomic design: for easy, safe access with a minimum of stress and strain
  • Variety of available worksurfaces: the right surface for the task
  • Flush drawer handles: improved safety and appearance
  • Customizable drawer compartments: superior organization and access
  • Choice of drawer pedestal sizes and styles: customize your instruction environment
  • Easy-access leveling adjustments: ensures that worksurface is always level

Workbench shelves:

Lista workbenches and workstations can be equipped with a selection of above-worksurface shelves for added utility and ergonomic ease-of-use. Just what you need to customize your students' workstations for enhanced productivity and organization.

Stationary riser shelves

  • Choice of depths: shelves are 13-1/2" high, in either a 10-1/2" or 15" depth
  • Optional functional back panels: choose from a solid, pegboard or louvered panel, with or without a backstop, or choose an open back
  • Optional overhead cabinet: attach an overhead cabinet (available in a variety of heights and with several door options) to 15" stationary riser shelves for convenient storage above the worksurface

Instrument riser shelves

  • Choice of built-in electrical power: supports available with 15 amp, 20 amp, 15 amp GFCI, 20 amp GFCI, or no power
  • Choice of heights: choose from 16", 20" or 24" high supports
  • Optional functional back panels: choose from a solid, pegboard or louvered panel, or choose an open back

Nexus accessory system:

Our Nexus system gives you a functional and flexible collection of above-worksurface accessories including shelves, lighting, power, data access, overhead cabinets, monitor arms, accessory shelves, document holders, markerboards and tackboards. All ergonomically designed to increase student performance and safety.

  • Articulating arms hold monitors and other equipment: clears the worksurface for the task at hand
  • Modular design: can easily be adapted or expanded to meet changing studio needs
  • Great variety of heights and widths: optimum configurability
  • Accessories can be easily repositioned for each user: maximum ergonomic comfort
  • Many accessories tilt and articulate: greater comfort and ease of use
  • Can be retrofitted to any existing workbench: affordable enhancement to existing furniture

Architecture workstations. Mobile, stationary, choice of storage and above-worksurface accessories.

Instrument riser shelves. Sturdy support for shelves with built-in electrical power.

Nexus accessory system. A wide range of accessory choices to outfit student benches with the perfect complement of tools.