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Faculty, administration and support services love Lista as much as the students – for all of the same reasons. Contemporary flair meets maximum durability in the form of flat files, locker storage, mobile cabinets and workbenches.

Flat files:

Flat files allow instructors to store a variety of teaching materials. Lista drawer storage cabinets feature spacious 2" and 3" deep drawers for storage of drawings, diagrams, etc. Add a counter top to your flat file drawer storage cabinets to create a work area using butcher block, stainless steel or plastic laminate. Cabinets accept files up to 24" deep, and are available in widths of 42" and 52".

Locker storage:

Provide staff and faculty with lockable storage for teaching materials, personal items, books, outerwear, and other important. For island and wall configurations, add a worksurface for even greater functionality.

  • Various heights, width and depths: shorter heights feature two adjustable shelves; taller heights feature three
  • Hinged lock bars: lockable with a personal padlock
  • Butcher block counter tops: provides a convenient worksurface for a variety of tasks

Mobile cabinets:

Whether it's for academic, instructional, administrative, custodial or any other purpose, we know the value of tough, convenient drawer storage mobility in getting the job done. Lista mobile storage cabinets and tool boxes are sturdy, versatile mobile workstations that are loaded with features.

  • Configurability: available in a variety of heights, widths and depths. Customize with the combination of drawer sizes that best suits your needs
  • Top options: choose from a variety of sturdy, long-lasting worksurfaces, including stainless steel, butcher block or our retainer top with ribbed rubber mat
  • Individual drawer latches: drawers are individually locked in the closed position for safety when moving
  • Sturdy handles: mounted directly on the cabinet housing for easy maneuverability
  • Heavy-duty casters: two swivel and two fixed casters with pedal wheel locks provide essential maneuverability and safety
  • PrevenTip® interlock system: our patented drawer locking system when one drawer is extended, the others are locked closed to prevent accidental tipping
  • Drawer weight capacity to suit your loads: choose from either 165 lb. or 440 lb. capacity per drawer, depending on what you're storing

Workbenches with Nexus accessory system:

Our Nexus system takes your already hard-working Lista workbench solution to new service heights – literally. They give any of your school's operational departments a functional and flexible collection of above-worksurface accessories including shelves, lighting, power, data access, overhead cabinets, monitor arms, accessory shelves, document holders, markerboards and tackboards. All ergonomically designed to increase performance and safety.

  • Articulating arms hold monitors and other equipment: clears the worksurface for the task at hand
  • Modular design: can easily be adapted or expanded to meet changing needs
  • Great variety of heights and widths: optimum configurability
  • Accessories can be easily repositioned for each user: maximum ergonomic comfort
  • Many accessories tilt and articulate: greater comfort and ease of use
  • Can be retrofitted to any existing workbench: affordable enhancement to existing furniture

Flat files. Whether for students or faculty, ample storage of artwork and teaching materials.

Locker storage. Shelf cabinets with locks or hinged lock bars allow convenient storage of personal items.

Mobile cabinets and workbenches. This workbench with the Nexus accessory system and companion mobile cabinet help a busy campus service bureau manage both output and maintenance tasks.

Arlink® 8000 workstations. Versatile, flexible classroom furniture for computer labs of all types.

Sink cabinet. Lista's sink cabinet enables students and staff to clean up after messy projects, right in the classroom or studio.