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The printmaking department is where classroom furniture is truly tested. Lista heavy-duty workbenches with galvanized and stainless steel tops thrive in this ink and solvent environment. Add student lockers, expansive flat files and countertops, overhead cabinets and roller shelves for storing lithographic stones, and you've got a total solution.

Heavy-duty worktables:

Tough Lista heavy-duty worktables with stationary or mobile legs and steel top provide the ideal workspace in the academic printmaking environment.

  • Flat, spacious worksurface: plenty of space for proofing prints and supporting heavy lithographic stones
  • Bottom shelf: adds convenient storage that doesn't inhibit mobility
  • Galvanized and stainless steel top: stand up to caustic solvents and inks, cleans easily
  • A variety of available table heights: increases flexibility even more

Student lockers:

Protect your students' current projects, personal items, learning tools, books, backpacks, outerwear, and other important objects by allowing them to store their stuff in lockable shelf cabinets. For island and wall configurations, add a worksurface for even greater functionality.

  • Various heights, width and depths: shorter heights feature two adjustable shelves; taller heights feature three
  • Hinged lock bars: students can lock their belongings with personal padlocks, which can be removed by administrative staff if needed
  • Butcher block, galvanized or stainless steel counter tops: provides a convenient worksurface for a variety of tasks

Flat files:

Flat files are a necessity for the budding architect. Lista drawer storage cabinets feature spacious 2" and 3" deep drawers for storage of drawings, plans, etc. Add a counter top to your flat file drawer storage cabinets to create a work area using butcher block, stainless steel or plastic laminate. Cabinets accept files up to 24" deep, and are available in widths of 42" and 52".

Counter height shelf cabinets:

These enclosed shelf cabinets efficiently store bulky items such as ink, solvent, etc. that don't lend themselves to drawer storage.

  • Adjustable shelves: 1" increments offer greatest flexibility
  • Various heights, width and depths: counter height or higher
  • Lockable door options: sliding, hinged or none
  • Butcher block, galvanized or stainless steel counter tops: provides a convenient worksurface for a variety of tasks

Overhead cabinets:

Use these versatile overhead cabinets to organize binders, reference manuals, bulky supplies and anything else you don't want on your worksurface. They're the ideal companions to our workbenches and drawer storage cabinets.

  • Roomy dimensions: 15" deep; 16" or 29" high; various widths
  • Several lockable door options: sliding, hinged, retractable, with or without Plexiglas┬« window, or none
  • Flexible mounting: mount cabinets on a wall or attach to a stationary riser shelf
  • Adjustable shelves: 1.5" increments offer greatest positioning flexibility

Roller Shelves for storing lithographic stones:

Lista's unique Storage Wall® Roller Shelves are constructed of standard conveyor rollers. Ideal for the storage of lithographic stones, the Roller Shelf is safe and ergonomic. It's innovative design offers both superior flexibility and durability, while providing secure storage and access.

  • Two popular widths: 18" and 24"
  • Astounding 770 lbs weight capacity per shelf:
  • Adjustable heights: adjust spacing in 1" increments to maximize storage space and accommodate changing storage needs
  • Stores one item per roller shelf:

Heavy-duty worktables. Rugged stationary and mobile worktables with durable stainless steel tops.

Student lockers. Easily secured by personal padlocks, and topped with a versatile counter top.

Flat files. Ample storage for student work.

Counter height shelf cabinets. Ample storage for a variety of bulky supplies topped with counter top work area.

Overhead cabinets. Take advantage of vertical space for additional storage of bulky items.

Roller shelves. Perfect for storing heavy lithographic stones.