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If classroom furniture has a natural enemy, it's probably the sculpture and ceramics studio. But clay, moisture and pounding are all in a day's work for Lista heavy-duty worktables with mobile legs. Student lockers with tough countertops also stand up to the daily grind with ease.

Mobile benches:

Lista heavy-duty worktables with mobile legs provide ample worksurface area, sturdy support, relocation flexibility, and years of dependable use.

  • Flat, spacious worksurface: plenty of room for large and small objects d'art in progress
  • Bottom shelf: adds convenient storage that doesn't inhibit mobility
  • Butcher block top: 1-3/4" thick, satin finished top stands up to years of abuse while maintaining a stylish appearance
  • A variety of available table heights: increases flexibility even more

Student lockers:

Protect your students' current projects, personal items, learning tools, books, backpacks, outerwear, and other important objects by allowing them to store their stuff in lockable shelf cabinets. For island and wall configurations, add a worksurface for even greater functionality.

  • Various heights, width and depths: shorter heights feature two adjustable shelves; taller heights feature three
  • Hinged lock bars: students can lock their belongings with personal padlocks, which can be removed by administrative staff if needed
  • Butcher block counter tops: provides a convenient worksurface for student work or a variety of other tasks

Mobile benches. Throw anything at these durable benches and they'll stand up to it.

Student lockers. Securable with personal padlocks, lockers form a convenient base to a student work area.